Crush your next project with LOLstack

LOLstack, your ready-to-dev & ready-to-deploy software stack.


Hello there.

πŸ₯‘ I'm a box.

Do not judge me by my skin. What I withhold is what you're dying to loot.

Are you craving for πŸ’Ž tech jewels for booting a new or existing project? πŸš€

Are you willing to sacrifice your next ⚑ 2 minutes to prevent you from spending 😫 days or weeks setting up your own stack from scratch?

You are 4️⃣ clicks away (just maybe moar) from uping your game. Let's 🀿 dive in:


What's in the box?

A full-fledged stack with: web app, mobile app, API, database and more.

That is ready-to-use, modern, typed, automated, full-stack, secure, scalable, versatile, robust, performance-aware, no-dependencies, self-hosted and a tiny bit opinionated.

All batteries included:


Gimme yar stack already (β€’-β€’)⌐

Yikes. Patience, friend. Here's your first charade:

I'm working on:


Gimmmmeeeee (β€’-β€’)⌐

Yeah, yeah, soon! I pinky swear πŸ€™

I need to create a:


Enough with ya stalling! πŸ˜–

You were brave. Here's a bone: 🦴 🐢

this is not a button ^

Excuse me? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

Heck, what now? β•š(β€’βŒ‚β€’)╝

Is this all a joke?


Why the tone?

What tone? (γƒŽ γ‚œΠ”γ‚œ)γƒŽ οΈ΅ ┻━┻

What's in the box?

Γ²_Γ΄ rly? β†’ here's what's in the box

Is this the ultimate software stack?

Sure, sure. Have a candy now: 🍭